Communicating Health Podcast

Dr. Amanda Phoon Nguyen

Episode Summary

Conversation with Dr. Amanda Phoon Nguyen, Oral Medicine Specialist.

Episode Notes

1.59 - Bio.
5.20 - Building rapport as a specialist.
9.58 - Taking a medical history.
13.15 - Smoking and alcohol discussions including dealing with resistance.
21.10 - Being 'present' for each patient.
25.20 - Supplements and alternative therapies.
31.20 - Use of humour.
32.40 - Breaking bad news - SPIKES protocol.
43.40 - Motivational interviewing.
47.03 - Leasdership - Navy and Cert ADL.
52.50 - MRACDS and mentoring.
57.30 - Learning communication skills.
61.20 - Social media - "a double-edged sword".
64.35 - Resources.

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